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Welcome to the Owlets and our new blog!

We are the Reception class and we are taught by Mrs Moulam with support from Miss Wilde and Ms Forscutt. On Tuesdays we have French with Madame Kernick  and PE with Mr Tranmer.

On this page you will find updates about what we have been learning as well as a space to show our curriculum documents which we use to reinforce our learning throughout the year. Please also use the links on the sidebar to access previous updates!

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In our PSHE lesson today we were learning about the people who keep us safe.  We talked about those people who we can talk to if we are sad or hurt such as our family, the adults in school and friends.  We also learnt that there are people we don’t know whose jobs it is to keep people safe. 

We answered these questions:

  • How do you find an adult you can trust? 
  • How do they make you feel when you are sad or hurt? 
  • Do they scare you? 
  • Can you talk to them about anything without feeling worried? 
  • Do you feel close to them? 
  • Have they helped you with something before?
  • Can you name some people in your life like this? 

We then went outside into the playground and practised road safety, using the Green Cross code drill.  



Today we took part in a Circus Skills Workshop.  We learnt to balance a huge peacock feather on different parts of our bodies, to spin a plate on a stick and to perform tricks with flower sticks. 

We have taken part in lots of activities to help our own personal growth including morning mindfulness, wake and shake, Wheelie Wellness, Park Play Day and daily adult led session to teach us skills and strategies to support our mental health and well-being.   We planted some cress seeds and learnt that like us, seeds don’t grow straight away because they need nurturing. 


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