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Year 4

Welcome to Tawny Owls and our new blog!

We are the Year 4 class and we are taught by Miss G with support from Mrs Mitchell. On Tuesdays we have French with Madame Kernick, PE with Mr Tranmer and RE with Mrs Mitchell.

On this page you will find updates about what we have been learning as well as a space to show our curriculum documents which we use to reinforce our learning throughout the year. Please also use the links on the sidebar to access previous updates!

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Today, Tony came for the KS1 Teddy Bears' Picnic. He did some tricks ofr KS1 and then a bubble show. His bubbles were so fabulous, that he let KS2 come and experience them. They wereb huge.

You're never too old to enjoy popping a bubble!


Today we continued with our Anderson Shelters. 

We are using junk modeeling materilas to make them and following our designs.

Keep a look out for our final models!

Today we had a fantastic day at Wicksteed Park with Year 3,5 and 6. The sun shone and we got to go on so many rides again, and again and again! So much so that Miss G couldn't keep up with taking photographs of us all.

We challenged ourselves to go on rides which we were scared of initially and that was a HUGE achievement. Miss G was VERY proud of us all. :) 



Today we had our Sports Morning.

We began with a carousel of activities followed by our running races.

Congratulations to the winning team Birches!

Today we had an amazing time being evaucated to Stibbington.

We began our experince at Wandsford Station where we were met by Miss Smith. She told us all about the families we were going to stay with and showed us our new homes in Stibbington village.

After our walk we went to the school, had lunch and did a drill, just to get ourselves ready incase of attack!

Once lunch was over we created our Identity Cards, went to school and learnt how to write with an ink pen, how to write in shillings and pence and listened to Princess Elizabeth on the wireless.

Suddenly there was an air raid, so we hid in the shleter and took our minds off the whole thing by singing 'Run Rabbit'.

Finally we got to play with lots of World War II toys and games. We have had the best time in the sunshine!

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