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Year 5 & 6

Welcome to Eagle Owls and our new blog!

We are the Year 5 and 6 class and we are taught by Mrs Little and Mrs Toyne with support from Mrs Mitchell and Ms Forscutt. On Tuesdays we have French with Madame Kernick, PE with Mr Tranmer and RE with Mrs Mitchell on Thursdays.

On this page you will find updates about what we have been learning as well as a space to show our curriculum documents which we use to reinforce our learning throughout the year. Please also use the links on the sidebar to access previous updates!

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Eagle Owls had a great time in the sun, finding out about coastal erosion. We learnt about chemical erosion by acid rain; physical erosion from freeze-thaw; biological erosion from lichen, tree roots and humans; and the effects of weathering from wind and rain. 

Eagle Owls have been busy this term learning about Native American culture and beliefs. They have explored their social history, the use of the buffalo, why there were so many clashes between Native Americans and European Americans, and their faiths and beliefs. We also explored their work in Art and Design, making dream catchers and totem poles, reflecting our own beliefs. They have turned out brilliantly, and all children should be very pleased with the patience and resillience they have shown. 

We had great fun raising money for the NSPCC on Friday. We had been learning about statistics with Mrs Campbell, so we carried our our own research, and then presented our data in a pie chart. 

We had a Maths treasure hunt after lunch, where we had to solve a Maths question to get the next clue. 

Finally, we got creative with our compasses, making some mandela artwork.  

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