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My name is Ed Carlyle and I am delighted to be the Executive Headteacher of Titchmarsh Church of England Primary School. I warmly welcome you to our school website, which I hope will give you just a flavour of some of the amazing things we do at this wonderful school.

Building Friendships....Inspiring Confidence.…Creating Futures….Nurturing Faith - this is our motto and very much our vision for our school - we are determined to ensure that our pupils get the very best we can give them and that they leave us with a wide and deep range of skills and achievements that will set them up for successful lifelong learning. As a Church School, we have chosen the Parable of the Good Shepherd (Luke:15) as our core value - everyone in our community matters and we all work together to ensure that each and every child with us gets the most from their time with us. We know all of our children as individuals and we go out of our way to make sure they all flourish and succeed.

Some of the comments from our December 2020 Parents' Survey sum up what it is like to be part of Titchmarsh Church of England Primary School:

‘You are a nurturing, caring and supportive school’

‘Generally very impressed with the ethos and quality of education and the level of support at the school’

‘My child is excited to go to school every day - I think that speaks volumes about the school’

'I think what makes Titchmarsh is the personal touch in everything. Nothing beats the community and family feel.'

This is a great school. I think so, the parents think so and, most importantly, the children agree. The best way to find out for yourself to come and visit us and see us in action. On behalf of the children and staff, I would like to personally invite you to come and visit us - please contact the School to make an appointment or keep an eye out for the forthcoming events. Our Titchmarsh School Calendar is available on this site and has all of the key events for the rest of the year so you don't have to miss out!

In the meantime, I am sure that our website will give you a wonderful glimpse into life at Titchmarsh Church of England Primary School.

Mr Ed Carlyle
Executive Headteacher

We have had such a difficult time deciding who the winners of the Pompeii recount competition were. Everyone did really, really well and we are very proud of you all. 

'Vesuvius 1, Pompeii 0' by R

Vesuvius isn't gentle any more, it woke from its peaceful sleep yesterday, destroying Pompeii - many left dead, survivors with nothing!

Survivors of yesterday's eruption recalled the day beginning like any other summer morning in Pompeii, with the sun shining brightly and the birds singing loudly. Then, as Pompeii was busy, the houses started to shake violently and the ground started to grumble loudly. A worried goat bolted to the market and then, as Pompeii calmed down, they started to warble, rumble down, tumble down. After the earthquake, they were safe for a couple of hours.

However, just after lunch, a loud, terrifying noise was heard in the distance by Pompeiians and, shortly after, the sky quickly started to darken as though day was turning into night. Now some sort of rough stone was falling from the sky. And then, ash just started to fall from the sky. Then a mushroom shaped cloud filled the sky and people began to evacuate.

According to witnesses, the great city of Pompeii was almost unrecognisable by the early morning of yesterday. As they thought things could not get any worse, the city got destroyed...

'The Day Pompeii Died' by I

Vesuvius, affectionately known by locals as the Gentle Mountain, violently and dramatically erupted yesterday. Many Romans were killed but some have managed to survive. The eruption has destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum. At this time, nobody knows why Mount Vesuvius has erupted.

Survivors of yesterday's eruption recalled the day beginning like any other summer morning with the sun shining brightly and the birds singing loudly. Then, all of a sudden, the ground began to shake violently, buildings were rocking dangerously from side to side. Everyone stood completely still, then they started to warble an old song calmly, Rumble Down, Tumble Down. That helped everyone feel much more calm. But not for long!

At about one o'clock, a terrifying, rumbling noise came from the huge volcano. Strange microscopic rocks came from the sky. Everyone tried to take shelter and then a giant ash cloud filled the air which made it difficult to breathe! People started rushing to the harbour, frightened. Some were getting into boats and sailing away.

According to witnesses, the lovely city of Pompeii was almost unrecognisable by the early evening because of yesterday. Because of all the dreadful ash and rock, Pompeii was buried forever! All of the houses have been destroyed by ash and fire! Now Mount Vesuvius was a giant crater! And, because of this, Pompeii is no more and 16,000 people died!

 'The Pompeii News' by H

Yesterday, on the 24th August 79 AD, something outrageous happened. The day it happened, Pompeii was calm and people were going about their daily lives as normal.

Then there was an earthquake and the animals ran scared for their lives. An eyewitness told us today that an earthquake happened but they did not think the volcano was going to erupt, but unfortunately it did.

Around 1pm, the volcano violently erupted. The blue sky turned to black as it was filled with thick black smoke. Around 8pm, hot rocks and ash starting falling from the sky and houses and buildings began to burn down.

By midnight, Pompeii was destroyed.

We were told you could not see a thing. Lots of people have lost their lives and families have been torn apart.

'The Day Pompeii Died' by J

Mount Vesuvius, affectionately known as the Gentle Mountain, violently and dramatically erupted yesterday and many people were killed by Mount Vesuvius and it happened on the 29th August AD 79.

Survivors of yesterday's eruption recalled the day beginning like an ordinary day but when people had woken up, they heard a rumble. The buildings tilted over and were shaken around and the dogs were barking and people were running around lots and sheep were bleating because of Mount Vesuvius with a mushroom shaped cloud.

People were screaming loudly, and put pillows over their heads - they knew they were goners! Some people survived but couldn't breathe - the Gentle Mountain had woken up forever!

Or was it people were screaming as many residents were sorting protection when it started to rain ash. They were seen putting pillows on their heads for protection and running to take cover because ash was falling from the sky - people were screaming loudly and the houses were getting destroyed completely. By midnight, everything was demolished.

Well done, everyone!!

Mrs Sanderson and Mr Carlyle

Thank you for your continued support in getting all pupils back into school safely this year. All of us are committed to providing the best education possible for your child, while securing the health and safety of our whole school community. Thank you for continuing to follow public health guidelines and encouraging your children to do the same.

You are already aware of the steps we have put in place to ensure the safe return of all pupils to school. We know that you will be keen to understand the impact that we have had in our first weeks of the term, and what our plans are to ensure all pupils catch up with any missed learning, and what will happen if a pupil or pupil is asked to stay at home over the coming months.

Our Remote Learning at Titchmarsh Church of England Primary School

In the event of any pupils missing more time from school as a result of self-isolation, we are committed to providing continuous provision to mitigate any more lost learning time affecting progress and to provide, wherever possible, the same curriculum remotely as we would in school. Work set will mirror the timetable and learning the pupils would expect to receive in school. Therefore, the school has the following in place to provide continuity of learning:

In the event of a pupil self-isolating, the class teacher will provide work through email and, for KS1 and KS2 pupils, Office 365 and respond to any work completed by the pupil via parent email and pupil accounts. Paper copies can be provided on request. Learning will consist of the assignments being set in class, particularly White Rose, Book Talk and English Schemes and will be planned and assessed and feedback to the pupil and next steps adjusted as required to adjust pace and level of challenge.

In the event of our KS2 bubble closing, the class teacher will provide work through the school website and Office 365. Videos and face to face meetings will be calendared using Microsoft Teams and interactive work will be provided on the school website and through Microsoft Forms. Staff will respond to any work completed by email during school hours and class and 1-1 meetings will also be timetabled. All KS2 pupils have been set up with an Office 365 account which will allow them to access internal emails, Microsoft Forms for interactive work and Microsoft Teams for virtual lessons, reading and support. At least four hours of work per day will be provided.

In the event of our Early Years and KS1 bubble closing, KS1 work will be organised using the school website and staff will be available via Microsoft Teams for regular 1-1 sessions. Pupils now have Microsoft Office 365 accounts so that parents can access Teams and applications easily. Early Years work will be found on the school website and pupil responses can be uploaded via Tapestry. Staff will also upload instruction videos and phonics lessons to the website for children to follow. At least three hours of work per day will be provided.

In the event of a school closure, the school will send home a detailed letter with information regarding accessing the systems, username and password information and will use the homepage of the school website and Parent Mail to communicate the latest advice and situation reports with you.

Engagement and Feedback

We expect all pupils to engage with the set work and, wherever possible, join the face-to-face meetings that are provided. We will be monitoring attendance and checking in with parents at least once a week if there has not been any response to the different working methods provided. We will be assessing work reguarly through verbal feedback given through the face-to-face meetings and also through responses to pieces of work emailed to staff. We encourage all pupils to attend the face-to-face meetings provided by staff as these will provide the best form of instant feedback to help and support pupils in their learning.

Pupils are expected to use the remote learning system responsibly by following our behaviour policy and ensuring that they mute their microphones when requested, do not send chat messages unless it is part of the learning process, in which case, messages must be appropriate and they must not record any sessions or mute any other member of the class. Any pupil who does this will have their account suspended if necessary and will have to use the learning platform work instead. Pupils must be always be polite and courteous online and should not be eating during the lessons, although they should still have a water bottle or drink available.

Parents are requested to support the school by helping pupils to access the online platforms and learning and providing a place for their child/ren to work. They must not record any sessions or make comments on the platform or any other social media. If they have any concerns about any aspect of the remote learning, they should contact the class teacher in the first instance, followed by the Head of School and/or Executive Headteacher.

Support for pupils with particular needs

Work set will be accessible for all pupils and, where appropriate, teachers will contact parents to arrange additional sessions to support pupils' needs. Work can be printed on different coloured paper for pupils and this can be collected from the School Reception area.

For Reception and KS1 pupils, small group sessions will be arranged by the class teacher as we feel that the youngest pupils may struggle with whole class remote teaching. Your class teacher will send invites via Teams for these sessions. Alongside this, there will be some social sessions led by the class teacher to allow pupils to meet remotely to continue to build their friendships with their class.

Support for pupils without access to remote learning

A small number of devices are available for loan to help families having difficulty accessing remote learning. Additionally, work packs will be printed on request and made available at the School Reception area via a collection rota organised with the class teacher. Feedback can also be provided this way.

Thank you for your continued support of Titchmarsh Church of England Primary School.

Please remember to follow both the school’s and public health guidance to keep everyone learning safely.

Testing Information

Only get a test if you have symptoms.

If you are self-isolating as a contact of a positive case, and you get a test and the test result is negative you will still need to complete your period of self-isolation. If you test positive you will have to self-isolate for 10 days after the test date or onset of symptoms.

All household members need to self-isolate for 14 days if someone in that household tests positive.

When self-isolating following an exposure to COVID you should avoid contact with other members of your household.

For the latest information please follow Northamptonshire County Council Public health on the following social media:@PublicHealthNorthants on Facebook@NorthantsPH on Twitter@Publichealthnorthamptonshire on Instagram

Self-Isolation: Support for Parents

Government advice is that, until advised otherwise, all other pupils should attend school as usual. A full risk assessment is in place and we are ensuring that the children know about the risks, maintain regular handwashing and that all visitors to the school also wash their hands.If you have require further information about Covid-19, this  can be found on the Public Health England Blog and the NHS UK website and we will provide updates as we receive them.

A reminder that pupils need to come in PE kit on the days that they have PE lessons - please ensure that the school PE kit is worn, along with a school tracksuit or tracksuit in school colours (navy) - fashion sports clothing is not appropriate. Thank you for your co-operation.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you require any further information.  

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