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Address : School Lane, Titchmarsh Kettering, Northamptonshire
NN14 3DR

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Welcome to the Friends of Titchmarsh School page - FoTS for short.

 Our purpose is to support Titchmarsh Primary School, its pupils, parents and the local community.

 We do this by running events that make money for the school; our events are fun and offer opportunities to extend friendships and relationships.

 All the funds raised are used directly by the school to enrich the learning environment and experiences for our children.  FoTS work closely with the school to ensure the funds are spent in the most useful way.

How our children benefit: 

Regularly funded by FoTS each year

… and a few specials

  • Swimming buses
  • TV license
  • School field rent
  • Teddy bears’ picnic entertainer
  • Owlets’ book bags
  • Owlets’ bibles
  • Easter eggs
  • Children’s Christmas presents
  • Leavers’ presents
  • Twilight service refreshments
  • Artist in residence days
  • Charlotte’s Web theatrical production
  • Lego for all classrooms for creative rainy day play and breakfast club
  • iPads for use by all children
  • Mini iPads for every classroom
  • The new Maypole

None of this is possible without you! We’re not shy, our school NEEDS you...

  • To attend the events! So please tell us what you want, like, don’t want or would like to change. Don’t worry – you won’t offend us!
  • If you can, to donate to the cause to make the events possible. From time to time this might be some biscuits, mince pies, raffle prizes, cakes (I buy mine from the shop) – but feel free to bake!

As always any help is greatly appreciated – do a little or do a lot, it’s not all work and no play!

 You can get involved with organising events. From designing posters to shopping for Easter eggs, or suggesting ideas to help events get off the ground.  You can also help to run the events on the day.  Even half an hour to help set up or clear down makes a huge difference. Or maybe if you have more time, an hour to man a stand or take ticket money on the door, or more...

Come along to one of our get togethers.


Visit our Facebook* page for the most up to date information on events.

You’ll find the general schedule and anything up and coming in the Pinned Post at the top.  You’ll also be able to join any of the confirmed events on our Facebook page.

Who we are:

Sarah Fortescue – Chair


Dave Tandy – Treasurer

Hannah Rawlings - Secretary


*Concerns about facebook and privacy?

The FoTS facebook page will be used to share information about up and coming events and meetings. We will not be posting any photos or giving out any personal information about children or parents, unless authorised by all the individuals concerned.

Please choose electronic communication as it means costs are less – so we can give more money back to the school. 

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